Thursday, January 14, 2010

Banking trojan "BankAsh-A"

I am not sure if this is vaguely related to this story we just posted, but there is a trojan out there which lies dormant on your machine until you visit a banking site. Then it tries to mimic that site and steal your information. This is nothing new, these have been out there for some time - but it seems this particular one is news due to how sophisticated it is and how prevalent it is.

The article mentions that your best bet is to make sure you use anti-virus and anti-spyware tools, frequently update them, and make sure that they stay running. I would add in there that ideally users would educate themselves about this as well - an educated user is the safest user.
Unfortunately that essentially never happens and worse yet, it hurts all of us as they get infected and spread it out to others.


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